Potted Azalea Plant


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Our beautiful azalea makes a stunning gift or addition to your home décor. The time for potted Azalea Plant is now! What a beautiful and captivating arrangement! It will bring so much grace and joy to the receiver.


This item is different from the other plant arrangements, as it is unique and a completely different floral gift. It is almost as if you have combined flowers and plants into one gift if you look at it closely and you must ask yourself: what can you call this exactly? A plant? A flower? Well, whatever you decide to call this, this is what makes this item super special and distinctive as it is a blooming plant!


Do not worry about where to place this item, as it will work perfectly in any space, either high or low, it can be placed high up on a table or even on the floor. Placed inside a clean, white vase, the azalea gives a nice and stylish contrast between the colours, in this case, either white or pink, where it will give off a fresh flower garden vibe. We should mention that this white vase combines perfectly with wood, ceramic, glass, or almost any other type of material.


The potted Azalea is a tremendous gift to send. Imagine surprising your loved one with this stunning azalea plant, and by welcoming a fresh season to one of your friends, family, or loved one. This arrangement vibrates harmony, tenderness, and happiness and will match your positive intentions. Its beauty is simple and minimal, but with vibrant colour, it will be sure for anyone to fall in love with it, as it is sure to spread light and joy to any environment.


Do not hesitate in choosing, this amusing arrangement that comes with love!


Gift stands about 12″ tall overall.