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Lady Slipper Orchid


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For a truly unique gift send our Lady Slipper Orchid. The exotic, wax-like, richly coloured blooms last for weeks – sometimes months! It does best with a night temperature, not below 18 °C, and a day temperature of 24-29 °C.

Water: Paphiopedilum must be kept constantly moist or damp, but not soggy. Check frequently below the surface to determine the need for water. Normal watering intervals are between seven and ten days.

Light: Place in any bright window but protect from the mid-day sun. Leaves should be a medium-green colour. If they are too pale or yellowish, the plant could be getting too much light.

Includes one Lady Slipper Orchid
Our growers will take care to select only the best quality
Gift stands about 12″-15″ tall
Bloom can last several weeks with care
Plant care included