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Put a smile on their face and in their heart with newborn themed mylar balloons.


This is one of our special arrangements, unique in their purpose! This one is super special because it is solely made for the day when a new life is brought into this world and we are thankful to be involved and help celebrate this amazing and wonderful day by providing a tremendous balloon bunch for you!


The baby balloon bouquet is specially made to welcome a new baby, but also to help you share this happiness and joy with your loved ones. A burst of happiness that includes balloons of mixed pastel colours: lavender, baby blue, soft pink, pastel yellow which helps represent tenderness, purity, and innocence.


This arrangement is composed of cheerful mylar balloons with happy messages and fun colours, which makes this gift incredibly striking and radiating so much joy! The best part of this balloon bunch is that you can choose the baby’s gender, and our designers will prepare the corresponding themed balloons to match what you have selected.


What a lovely way to share your happiness and care with others! Surprise the new parents with this extraordinary gift. Let us join the happiest of days with your loved ones by sending this gift that will be sure to brighten their day!


Standard Bouquet – Includes 6 balloons
Fuller Bouquet – Includes 9 balloons ($15.00)
Premium Bouquet – Includes 12 balloons ($30.00)