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#Frequently asked questions

What is Rosa Rugosa and what makes it unique as a flower?
Rosa rugosa, often known as beach roses, is a species of blooming shrub that produces pink or white, fragrant roses. They are renowned for their durability, disease resistance, and adaptability to many soil conditions.
What are bouquet flowers?
Bouquet flowers are a collection of various flowers and greenery arranged in a single bunch. They can be arranged in numerous ways, ranging from basic and traditional to elaborate and contemporary. We offer an extensive variety of bouquet flowers, ranging from classic to exotic, to fit any event or aesthetic.
What are the best Valentine's day flowers to give?
There are many wonderful Valentine's Day flower selections! Popular options include traditional red roses, delicate tulips, vivid lilies, and romantic orchids. At Flower Co, we offer a vast selection of Valentine's Day flowers that are certain to make your loved one feel loved and cherished.
What do you traditionally give as a graduation flower?
Flowers are typically given at graduation to honor the graduate's accomplishments and express appreciation for their hard work. The most common graduation flower is the rose, sunflower, and daisy. Yet, no particular flower is required or expected to be presented at a graduation ceremony. It ultimately relies on the recipient's preference and the intended message.
Can I send flowers to someone as a gift?
Absolutely! Sending flowers as a token of affection is a considerate gesture. At Flower Co, we can send flowers to anyone, anywhere, and at any time simple. Simply select the desired bouquet or arrangement and include a personalized note, and we'll handle the rest.
What are birth flowers?
Birth flowers are flowers that correspond to a particular month of the year. They are believed to represent the qualities and traits of people born during that month. A list of birth month flowers: January - Carnation, Snowdrop February - Violet, Primrose March - Daffodil April - Daisy, Sweet Pea May - Lily of the Valley, Hawthorn June - Rose, Honeysuckle July - Larkspur, Water Lily August - Gladiolus, Poppy September - Aster, Morning Glory October - Marigold, Cosmos November - Chrysanthemum December - Poinsettia, Narcissus
What is a florist?
A florist is a professional who specializes in the art of floral design with different types of flowers. They use their knowledge of different flowers, colors, and textures to create beautiful and unique bouquet flowers for any occasion. At our flower store, our florists are expert designers who can help you create the perfect arrangement for any occasion so that you can send flowers to anyone you desire.
Do you offer fresh flowers?
Here are some of the freshest, most appealing blooms and flower arrangements you can consider to present to your loved ones or as centrepieces for your home. For the best fresh flowers in Toronto, you can place your order online, over the phone, or in-person by visiting our flower store.