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#Frequently asked questions

1. Are Vanda orchids hard to grow?
Vanda orchids may be more difficult to cultivate than other types of orchids, although they are not inherently "difficult" to cultivate. With adequate care and consideration for their particular growth circumstances, they can flourish and produce beautiful flowers.
2. Is a jewel orchid a real orchid?
The jewel orchid is a genuine orchid. In contrast to other orchids, which are cultivated primarily for their showy flowers, jewel orchids are cultivated for their exquisite foliage, which often exhibits intricate patterns and brilliant hues.
3. What is the difference between oncidium and cymbidium?
Oncidium and Cymbidium are two distinct orchid genera with distinct native habitats, growth habits, physical characteristics, and growing requirements. Oncidiums are sympodial orchids indigenous to the Americas with delicate flowers that favor warmer and more humid environments, whereas Cymbidiums are monopodial orchids indigenous to Asia and the Pacific islands with larger and more showy flowers that can survive cooler and drier temperatures.
4. Can you grow a ghost orchid?
It is possible to grow a ghost orchid, however it can be challenging. Ghost orchids are specialized to specific wet habitats and replication is challenging. They are best enjoyed in their native habitats or in botanical gardens that can supply the precise growth conditions required for their cultivation.