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#Frequently asked questions

What is a bouquet wedding?
A bouquet wedding is a form of wedding ceremony in which the bride wears a flower bouquet to walk down the aisle. This is a customary element of a wedding and is frequently viewed as a symbol of love and devotion.
What types of flowers are used in a bouquet wedding?
The sort of flowers used in a bridal bouquet can vary widely based on personal preference and the wedding's overall theme. Roses, peonies, lilies, and baby's breath are popular options for floral arrangements.
Can I personalize my bouquet for wedding?
Absolutely! We offer custom-designed bouquets to ensure that your bouquet is exclusive to you and your special occasion.
How do I preserve my bridal flowers after the wedding?
There are numerous methods for preserving the bouquet for wedding. Drying the flowers, storing them in a shadow box, or having them preserved and framed are popular options.
What is the typical size of a bouquet for bridesmaids?
The size of bridesmaid bouquets can vary, but they are often smaller than the bridal bouquet.
How can I choose the right bouquet for bridesmaids?
The right bouquet for your bridesmaids will depend on what they like and the theme of your wedding as a whole. You could think about their dress colors and the colors of the flowers that go with the theme and colors of your wedding.