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Montreal is a wonderfully big city with more than 1.7 million people (and counting!), making it an incredibly diverse place where different occasions, celebrations and events take place almost everyday of the year. We know how in this busy every-day-life it is very important to not lose track of what is really important, to create meaningful memories with the ones you love. Sometimes just being able to be together and share some time is just what we need, especially after long city-days, but details are what make everything special. And there is nothing better to take care of details like color, life, flowers!

Some may say that flowers can just be mere decorations. But decorations are made and designed to create a whole atmosphere. This is actually one of the most beautiful thing about flowers and plant decoration, that it can be responsible for creating a whole atmosphere by either impressive works of art that celebrate a space by bringing it to life or in form of a beautiful and delicate flower arrangement to give to your loved ones, or why not even have a lovely gesture as a perfect flower bouquet for that special someone!

Flower Delivery Montreal

In a city like Montreal where everything is happening all the time, being a florist is a job that goes around the clock everyday of the year. Flower Co. is a flower shop in Montreal dedicated to being there for you all year round and making efficient flower delivery in Montreal accessible to its citizens.


Montreal Flowers

No wonder that some of the symbols of this beautiful city are a rose and the fleur de lis, since flowers are perfect symbols that evoke strong feelings of gratefulness, appreciation, love, joy and comfort. That is why we share the art of creating occasions with flowers, because they are meaningful and can be symbolic to express and make moments linger on. Luckily, it has never been easier to get flowers in Montreal! We are just one click or one phone call away from helping you create the perfect moments, the ones you want to keep in your heart forever, and make what's already special, even more memorable.

Our team of Montreal florists have the perfect eye and Quebec-style to create elegant and unique flower arrangements, they work with so much love that you can definitely feel that in their creations. Our team counts with some of the best florists in Montreal with the most delicate hand to spread love.


Flower Shop Montreal

Flowers in Montreal are fresh and brought directly to you from farms dedicated especially to cultivating the best quality flowers in Colombia and Ecuador and brought straight to our flower shop in Montreal, where our team of florists in Montreal work their magic so that our Montreal flower delivery carefully bring them to you and your loved ones. That is one of the best things about this magical city, that among all the glamour and its history, having all the cultural attributes it has for its nature, is that it's a busy city where you can find pretty much anything, anytime. We offer exotic products we import, which means you would be able to get exclusive options from our catalogue that will make the difference and most likely will take what you know and what you can find about flowers in Montreal to a new level.


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We are a family owned and run business, moved by the belief that indeed building connections and doing everything with care and love is the fuel that will keep our customer’s satisfaction blossoming. Our Montreal flower delivery service is absolutely committed to not only to bringing to you the most fulfilling experience but also the best quality arrangements. We work hard to keep building the perfect team to provide you with the best experience, since our Montreal flower delivery team is carefully instructed to handle all orders with care, making sure our service gives you all the assistance you might need at any time and deliver the most beautiful products in the best conditions. Rest assured our customer service team is always there to attend to any need you may have, they will gladly answer to any inquiry you may have because we do know how important it is to have the option to communicate your needs and thoughts. It is important for us to hear our customers and be able to fulfill their needs, we’re happy to help! Our main goal is to be there for you whenever you want to make someone smile, or bring comfort to a situation that might need a little light upon. So with our efficient flower delivery service in Montreal, you can ensure your orders will be handled with care whenever they need to arrive to celebrate the life of someone we want to keep in our hearts forever, and accompany loved ones during difficult times.

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