Picture-perfect soft pink roses make a beautiful gift for the lovely lady in your life. Wife, mother, daughter or sweetheart, she's sure to cherish this bouquet of pastel pink roses accented with seeded eucalyptus and arranged in a clear glass vase.  

Have you ever wondered how you can tell or express to someone how beautiful and pretty they are? Well, we used to do it only with phrases and words, but today we want to show you another way of expressing your affection without saying a single word.  

First off, we want to highlight once again that flowers, and in this case roses, are an excellent tool of communication. Flowers and their colours can express a feeling more than a thousand words ever could. So if you want to send a clear and forceful message with this gift, you are in the right place. There is no woman on Earth who would not be impressed by a lovely arrangement of flowers. We now suggest you get comfortable because what we are about to tell you will make you want to send this bouquet of roses to that person in your life now.  

We are proud to present to you our star bouquet, our 12 pink rose arrangement and just the tone of these roses alone gives them so much to talk about. If your goal is to send flowers to a woman to make her feel beautiful and gorgeous, as well as praise her femininity and delicate nature, we definitely would recommend this pink rose arrangement. The moment she receives this rose arrangement, her most feminine side is sure to come out and spread throughout the environment. And the colour pink always says yes to any woman in the world. It is impressive how this shade has become such a magnet for women worldwide! So, this floral arrangement will elevate this special person to their maximum femininity and charm and with this gift you will automatically make their eyes shine and create a feeling of affection, taste and acceptance from your part! If you decide to send these flowers to someone you will be celebrating not only all women but specifically that special someone!  

The 12 pink rose arrangement would make the perfect gift for a birthday, an anniversary, a special date or just because. Send this arrangement to show your loved one how much you admire their beauty and femininity. There is nothing that makes a woman happier and more secure than receiving a pink rose arrangement.  

In case you did not know, pink roses have a lot of meaning and symbolism behind them. These roses symbolize generosity, kindness, and a lot of beauty. Gifting person pink roses also represent gratitude, admiration and the absence of bad feelings. These beautiful and striking roses are also a symbol of elegance and refinement.  

If you wish to impress and flatter a woman for their beauty and femininity, do not hesitate or think any longer! This is the perfect flower arrangement to fulfill your purpose, so give us the opportunity to help you right now! Trust us, as we are the specialists in making people smile, we just simply know how to do it!  

Standard Bouquet – Includes 12 rose stems measuring approximately 24″H x 21″W.
Fuller Bouquet – Includes 15 rose stems measuring approximately 24″H x 21″W.
Premium Bouquet – Includes 18 rose stems measuring approximately 24″H x 21″W.
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