Are you looking for an arrangement that will impress and forever mark you in someone's heart and mind? We want to show you a bouquet that will without a doubt catch your loved one's attention. Our 24 premium red roses are the perfect gift to be inserted into the heart of that special person so this Valentine's send a bold and dramatic testament of love and show your heartfelt emotions with the most amazing two dozen long-stemmed red roses arranged with simplicity and delivered farm fresh!  

As you already know, red roses are a part of the language of love, romance, and passion. There is no better gift for your loved one than 24 red roses since they can say more than a million words. Red roses are famous worldwide in terms of their symbolism and for hundreds of years, they have been a key muse of the artistic world, as they have been the object of inspiration for poets, painters, musicians, and writers. We have seen this symbol of love in stories, songs, and paintings. All throughout the world millions of lovers use them daily to captivate and move the heart of the loved ones.  

So if you are completely in love and have your heart beating uncontrollably, these 24 red roses will help you reveal your intentions and feelings to that special someone. The colour red, especially when it comes to roses, is the symbol of love, so send these 24 roses to your lover today. These flowers speak for themselves, they speak only of love and passion, and of demonstrating and revealing your deepest, innermost feelings. These 24 premium red roses carry a deep message. If you are unsure of the number of stems of roses to send to someone, keep in mind that the larger the number, the greater the emotional and romantic impact that you are sure to have and generate with the recipient. Trust us when we say that this flower arrangement will leave that person always on your mind with a smile from ear to ear.  

On the other hand, a huge bouquet of red flowers, particularly 24 roses, will provide a conversation starter among those around the lucky recipient. What could be nicer than someone who loves you so much, and has the courage and passion to send such an impressive and spectacular arrangement? Who does not like having someone who loves us as much as this? We all want to have that person who expresses their love for us in such a demonstrative way and how lovely that everyone around you can see that someone truly loves you enough to send you such beautiful and dazzling flowers.  

Do not wait for another second to conquer the heart and life of your beloved. You are now one click away from sending a lot of love and cheer into the heart of that most special person!  

Standard Bouquet – Includes 24 rose stems
Fuller Bouquet – Includes 27 rose stems
Premium Bouquet – Includes 30 rose stems
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