It isn’t just the beauty of this sumptuous bouquet that will impress, but the skill and care that's gone into creating it. This velvety blanket of the finest roses is simply breathtaking. The rich red roses contrast with shoots of steel grass, and the whole bouquet is framed by palm leaves. It is, without a doubt, a truly breathtaking way to show someone how much you love them. Featuring 50 large-headed red roses hand-tied with palm leaves and steel grass and finished with gift wrap and ribbon.  

Red roses are the most romantic flower to send and to think about if you are in love! But if you are deeply in love and wish to go even further in expressing your love to that special person, we have the perfect item for you.  

The 50 Rose bouquet is the real deal, as nothing else can express your love more than red roses. Try to picture this: if just one red rose stem can make a person think about you all day, imagine what 50 stems of red roses can do for you. It is simply impossible to not be moved by this tremendous gift.  

Red roses hold tremendous value to them, as they convey about as clear and specific a message a flower can have: love, romance, and passion. So let us be part of this adventure you are about to embark on because these hand tied roses will only create a cheerful explosion of love in the recipient's heart and mind.  

These red hand tied roses will fill the space where these beautiful flowers will be placed, in a constant reminder that you will always be there for them, and that your love for them surpasses any measurable value. With this bouquet, you will without any doubt be able to get into the heart of anyone.  

To conquer someone's heart you need to be risky and brave, and this 50 rose bouquet is the best way to achieve your goal. Let us be part of this, as we love to make people happy with our flower arrangements that go above and beyond, and help pierce the heart of someone special to you.  

Standard Bouquet – Includes 50 rose stems br>
Fuller Bouquet – Includes 53 rose stems
Premium Bouquet – Includes 56 rose stems
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